New Collections! Enameling Techniques

So I think this is the most creative I’ve been in 10 years. I am SO inspired to create! Maybe it’s just that I don’t want to leave my house because of the snow-so, I need something to do with all my time! Anyway, I’ve created 5 NEW Collections in my Copper category since December of 2010: Lily, Soleil, Noir, Skye, and Twilight Woods. I am really proud of all of them & couldn’t choose a favorite. They each have elements that move me. Lily is so feminine, Soleil so warm, Noir so dramatic, Skye so deep, Twilight Woods so haunting. I’ve been using Opals a lot in my work and also my ole favorite Larbradorite.
New for 2011 is my use of Enamel in my Metalwork-which is a process of fusing glass to the metal in a kiln. I’ve been experimenting with both traditional & abstract techniques. My Twilight Woods Collection is an example of me now following any traditional rules & just completely experimenting on my own. The result is a haunting Collection inspired by the setting sun glowing through the trees in my backyard. Traditionally I’ve been working with the process of Cloisonne. I only have one example to show in my Soleil Collection. I really love the results, but this process is extremely time consuming. For example, The Cloisonne Pendant in the Soleil Collection took me a month to complete!
I strive every year to have NEW and exciting jewelry to show you. I work REALLY hard to come up with designs that have never been seen before. I hope that I have lived up to what you expect from me as a designer this year! Please let me know what you think of my new work & don’t hesitate to share any ideas that you might have with me. Thank you so much for being a part of Patrician Art. I couldn’t do it without you!!!! Much LOVE!

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