Custom Designed Wedding Jewelry

I have really enjoyed designing WEDDING JEWELRY for those special brides looking for one of a kind, unique jewelry.  There is such a need for it being that the jewelry usually made available for such a special occasion is so overpriced and the quality is negotiable.   Also, it’s difficult to find jewelry that enhances the garment without taking away from the beauty of it.  I have designed necklaces, bracelets, and earrings for many weddings.  The bride’s most popular choice for the bridesmaids are my invisible necklaces.

WHY is the INVISIBLE NECKLACE the most popular choice?

1.  Design is simple & clean.  The necklace comes in many different styles & variations that do not take away from the overall beauty of the dress-only enhances the look.

2. Price.  The Invisible Necklaces I offer are very affordable,  yet high quality.  I understand that most ” brides to be” are on a budget and I accommodate that.  I discount based on the quantity-Necklaces usually $20 (options available for less than $20) and matching earrings under $20.

3. Color.  The Swarovski Crystal I use in the Invisible Necklaces comes in almost any color.  I can match the dress or combine colors.  Some brides like to stick with a Clear Crystal Ab that will pick up ANY color. Send me a picture of the dress & I can design a sample just for your dress.

4. Bridesmaids can wear the necklace after the wedding.  This is a comment I hear all the time.  The bride usually is giving the jewelry as a gift to her girls and wants them to be able to enjoy it after the wedding day.  My necklaces have the versatility to be dressed up or worn casual everyday.

5. Quality.  The Invisible Necklace appears delicate & feminine, but has an amazing strength.  These necklaces hold up forever.  Also, I use the best crystal in the world- Swarovski Crystal.

6. Magnet Clasp.  I use a magnet clasp unless another type is requested.  The feedback I get is that the girls love that it is so simple to put on.  Most girls have their nails done for the big day & can’t hassle with a difficult clasp.  The ease of magnet clasp makes this a necklace that you will find yourself wearing everyday.  Some people are afraid that a magnet clasp will fall off.  Not true.  These magnets are made to be used on necklaces and have the power to stay put until you want to take it off.

Invisible Necklaces for the Beautiful Bride and Bridesmaids

Invisible Necklaces

Invisible Necklaces for the Beautiful Bride and Bridesmaids

Although the INVISIBLE NECKLACE  is the most popular choice for Bridal Jewelry, I have designed very special pieces for brides and mothers of the bride with many other materials.  Whether it’s semi-precious stones, copper, precious metals and stones,  pearls, or crystal I guarantee all my work.  You can take pride knowing that your jewelry is all handmade in the USA, one of a kind, WEARABLE ART.  This is my favorite thing to do because I feel like a part of something so special and timeless.  I am honored to design jewelry for a bride.  I have even gone to bridal fittings which are so exciting!

Basically, once you contact me and we discuss what you want, I design a sample.  We can meet up or do this via email pics & mail.  You can take the sample and try it on with the dresses to see if  it works.  If  you decide you want something else, no problem, I make another sample and the price of the returned necklace goes toward your final purchase. * There are exceptions to that sample process when dealing with higher end custom pieces. When you decide what you want I require a minimum of  20% of the total to start.  I am usually able to finish your jewelry within 2 weeks.  If you’d like to speak with one of the happy brides I’ve designed jewelry for let me know & I will get you the contact info.

Thank you so much for looking!  I wish you all the best & hope to be working with you to help make your wedding even more BEAUTIFUL!!!!  Contact me directly at: or 586/242-7737

Mother of the Bride Necklace

This is a necklace Idesigned for the mother of the bride.

Custom Bridal Necklace

A 5 strand crystal “choker” necklace I designed for a special bride. Notice the long drop I made in the back to enhance her strapless gown.

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